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Discover Our Georgia Winery And Resort

Toast To Time Together

As one of the newest additions to both our property and the local scene, Kingwood Resort’s Winery and Tasting Room showcases the result of Georgia’s rich, complex vineyards in a relaxed atmosphere focused on ensuring a deep appreciation—for conversation, connection and a great glass—is found together.

Tasting Room Hours

  • Please Visit Our Restaurant For Operating Hours.
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In Collaboration With

Currahee Winery

Partnering with Currahee Winery to create our own debut line of Chechero wines, we’ve spent countless hours obsessing over every sip, creating a dynamic, yet approachable experience that feels right at home. 

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Chechero Pinot Grigio

Delights with bright, intertwining notes of lemon, white nectarine and crisp green apple.

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Chechero Chardonnay

Captures layers of summer fruit, honeydew and melon that transform across the palate with a lasting finish.

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Chechero Merlot

A bold bouquet of black cherries, currants, dark chocolate, licorice and leather that is softened by a long, spicy finish.

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Hand filling a glass of red wine

Chechero Cabernet

Explodes with vanilla notes wrapped in black plum accompanied by the strength of dark fruits on your palate. Seductively smooth and velvety with ripe tannins and assertive acidity.

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Chechero Signature 4

Varietal blend gives alluring notes of dark berries and cherries supported by hints of earthy spices. The rich and firm tannins warm and coat the palate with a lasting ripe finish.

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